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Slate Roof Installation & Repair

Slate Roof Installation & Repair

Slate roofing has a unique arsenal of advantages that explain why such a "primitive" material is still in use today. These include beauty, longevity, insulation value, and safety.

Slate roofing was once the material of choice for high-value roofs. Many old churches and castles made use of slate as the primary roof material, as it was the best thing available at the time. Even today, slate remains the premier choice for those who want the best. Even with all the modern roofing materials out there, slate has retained its position near the head of the pack.

The look of natural stone is something that cannot be fully duplicated by modern materials, and that’s why it has remained as a premium building material. In fact, you may have noticed that many commercial shingles try to mimic the look of natural stone. Sure, fake stone might look halfway decent, but there is no substitute for the real deal.

The color and texture of natural stone will add an element of beauty to your roof that cannot be obtained from any other roofing material. Also, you might be surprised at the number of colors in which slate can be found. While grey is by far the most common color, you can find slates that are green, black, red, or even purple. Apart from its natural colors, slate can also be dyed to produce nearly any color or color pattern that you want.

Longevity is the big advantage of a slate roof. Because they are made of stone, a slate roofing tile will have already endured the weather for thousands (if not millions) of years. Have you ever noticed that the oldest monuments still standing are all made of stone? That’s not a coincidence.

With slate roofs there are no manufacturer defects since this material is not manufactured. While many types of roofs will require maintenance and repair within a decade, a slate roof is expected to last anywhere from a whopping 100 to 150 years!

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