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Roof Inspections: External & Internal Inspection

Roof Inspections: External & Internal Inspection

When was the last time you thought about the integrity of your home's roof? Your roof is a critical part of your property's overall condition and value, but it's often overlooked. Sometimes, the most important things we rely on everyday fade into the background. It's possible that even if you took a look at your roof, you wouldn't really know what to look for that indicates damage or tells you when it's time for a replacement. Thankfully, that headache is being erased by Roof Wolf's new Roof Inspection Service.

We can cover your overhead by connecting you with a qualified roofing technician to evaluate the condition of your shingle, metal, slate, or wooden roof. Our team can check either the internal or external surfaces of your home's roof, or both, depending on what you need. Whether a bad storm has blown through and your roof is feeling the impact, or you just need an evaluation checked off your home-improvement to-do list, it's good to know what you're working with. After inspecting the exterior for potential damage from winter weather, sun and age, high winds, or any other external threats, our technicians can also evaluate the condition of the internal face of the roof.

On the outside, our roofing experts can inspect the condition of exposed shingle, flashing, and soffits to update you on the overall health of your roof. Though typical damage to rooftops occurs from the outside, there are some common problems that affect the inside, such as mildew on the interior sheathing from condensation. Inside the home, our experts can inspect the deck or sheathing and rafters for structural integrity, moisture buildup, and weather resilience. Our low one-time service cost for an exterior inspection is $99, while our whole-home indoor/outdoor inspection is $149 to cover our technician safely accessing the entirety of the rooftop and assessing the interior condition of your roof. This affordable rate is a great short-term investment if you are planning to prepare your property for sale or you are planning to do an energy efficient remodel and take advantage of attractive tax credits.

Don't hesitate to give Roof Wolf a call for all of your roofing needs. Our experience repairing and replacing all different types of roof allows us to identify any potential issues with yours, and recommend the best course of action to remedy the problem or safeguard for the future.

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